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History Allstar Academy was established in 2012 while Miss Bode was teaching Kindergarten. She was inspired to tutor many of her struggling students while discovering that many of her brightest students were the ones that struggled the most in learning very basic reading skills such as rhyming and learning letter sounds. After all, Kindergarten is often looked at as a watershed in identifying children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. A child being in school for the first time is a turning point in a child being in a school-environment with learning expectations. Often times, teachers and parents overlook this important time, opting to “wait it out” when this is fact the best time to pay attention to any clues that reading is not progressing. The reason for this is that early intervention is the key to ensuring the child catches up to their peers and the skill gap in their reading ability is closed as early as possible, rather than the alternative of waiting for the gap in their reading ability and self-esteem to grow larger.

It was even more clear when she went on to teach first grade, that these same students that were struggling with their letter sounds and names were similarly falling far behind their peers in reading and needed an individual program that targeted their specific needs one-on-one that the large classroom setting could not provide. She discovered after continual student success in tutoring sessions, that the gap in her students’ reading ability could be closed and that every child could learn to read successfully. So she took it upon herself to deliver individual reading instruction and once she saw her students consistently thrive and their confidence sky-rocket, she couldn’t turn her head.

In Miss Bode’s endeavor to find a results- driven reading program, she found the best reading and spelling program out there for every single struggling reader. This program, which she now uses for every struggling reader with success story after success story is called the Barton Reading & Spelling System. Allstar Academy primarily uses this research- based program to ensure reading and spelling success in all students because the results are simple; this program can teach every single student how to read and is THE BEST program for struggling readers, especially dyslexic students.

Along the way, Miss Bode has found that many of her students had un-diagnosed learning disabilities and that the most prevalent one, dyslexia is far more common and misunderstood  than people think. Dyslexia actually affects 1 in 5 people and the Barton Reading & Spelling System provides a research- based program to ensure that every child learns how to successfully read, if tutored in it consistently and correctly. Allstar Academy delivers a pathway for success for all struggling readers and spellers. It is their mission to make learning assessable through specialized instruction to as many students as possible, especially to those who need a different route to success.

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Brittany Bode is a dyslexia and reading specialist, with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She succeeds with her students, of which many have failed everywhere else and need something MORE. Many of her thriving students have previously failed in many other reading interventions they’ve tried such as school, in title 1 reading or with a reading specialist and in commercialized tutoring companies like SCORE or Sylvan. What sets Miss Bode apart from the rest is that she is not a general tutor, but a specialized practitioner that delivers results using the most effective, research- based program out there for struggling students. She has undergone extensive, specialized training in order to deliver the best tutoring program out there that will work with any student, even when nothing has worked before. She is also a certified teacher and Reading Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and Endorsements in Early Childhood Education and Structured English Immersion.

Miss Bode brings a passion for fostering learning in young minds and serving her community along with a charismatic, engaging, and positive attitude to her sessions. Miss Bode recently relocated back to Scottsdale and is enjoying working with her thriving students very much!

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